Inlay/Onlay Sculpture



The Inlay is a superior aesthetic alternative to standard fillings.  These press-able porcelain fillings repair and replace outdated, unsightly fillings.  In many cases the Inlay and Onlay process will take the place of a tooth replacement allowing much of the original tooth to be saved.

IPS empress and E-max

The "press technique" has established itself as a state -of-the-art processing method over the past 19 years and has become synonymous with highly aesthetic and accurately fitting all-ceramic restorations.

IPS E-max press is the new bio compatible lithium disilicate glass ceramic. It offers not only fit, form, and function, but also improved flexural strength (400 MPa).

In addition, the aesthetic properties of IPS E-max Press have been optimized. Unlike before, creating all-ceramic restorations, with true-to-nature properties has never been easier. The additional options of "Low Translucency", "Medium Opacity", and "High Opacity" make proper shade and colorization even easier than before.



Ideal for single unit crowns or up to 3 unit bridge restorations.

Resin based cements are recommended because of their lower flexural strengths, allowing for flexibility between cement and coping, and cement and dentin.

They have cohesive properties as opposed to adhesive properties. They actually penetrate the surface of the coping rather than just adhering to the surface.

applied between .060 mm and .120 mm in thickness

Failure most often occurs when excessive cement space (over application of cement or improper fit) is present.




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