March 15, 2009- Professional Dental Arts Inaugurates New Client Centered Web Presence
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Welcome to our new website! We designed it to provide you with information you need to know about dental restoration solutions and innovations.


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Coming Soon! New Non-Metallic Restorations Technology

Professional Dental Arts is proud to be at the cutting edge in the evolution of the dental industry. We have combined our wealth of experience with the innovations of today’s technology to create a cost effective restoration without sacrificing the quality that your dental practice demands.

Our newest acquisitions arrival is the latest technology from Procera/Noble Biocare. Their latest purchase of "BioCad Medical Inc" has allowed them to combine the most up to date CAD/CAM systems and the latest in optical scanners with conosocopic holography and virtual framework design. This combination realizes the most advanced and complete system in the world for the creation of non-metallic restorations. Look for an in depth look at the new system in next months newsletter.

PDA Technology Investments Deliver Superior Restorations

Professional Dental Arts invests in the latest, most sophisticated technology available. By combining the appropriate technological solutions, we are able to advance the quality and precision of our restorations to previously unattainable levels. The benefit to our clients...unmatched restorations at competitive pricing with superior outcomes for their patients.

The tools and techniques we use are proven day in and day out to deliver the quality restorations your patients deserve.

Our clients have become accustomed to our un-compromising quality and service. In the rare instance that a defect should ever occur, we will cheerfully replace it at no cost to you whatsoever .

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