Full Cast

Ideal for single unit crowns where occlusal space is limited inlays / onlays bridge restorations and gold occlusals.


1. With metallic cementation zinc-phosphate based cements are recommended because of the lack of shrinkage that occurs in the drying process

2. a combination of the shrinkage that occurs in the drying process of resin based cements and the thermal expansion that occurs with metallic copings allows for excessive cement space. This excessive space is the main cause of adhesive failure.

3. all cements weather resin, resin glass-ionomers, or zinc phosphate based, will work with metallic copings. Be aware, you may see a larger number of metallic coping adhesion failures when using resin based cements.

Now you can enjoy gold without paying a premium for the enhanced benefits of a full cast gold crown with 50% gold content.

At Professional Dental Arts, our full-cast gold crowns go through a rigorous production process and are finished under a microscope to achieve superior marginal integrity and a truly life like anatomy.



50% yellow gold
Meets ADA specifications
High polish exhibits rich gold color


  • reliable and durable

  • clean accurate margins

  • Superior strength

  • resistant to oxidation, corrosion, and plaque

  • does not wear on natural teeth like porcelain

  • reduces harmful bacteria by 90%

  • Traditional preparation similar to PFM

  • Can be bonded or cemented

  • 5 year limited warranty


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