Why Buy From Professional Dental Arts?


In an effort to better understand our foreign and domestic competition in an ever expanding market and to evaluate the quality of goods and services they provide, we recently initiated an evaluation of some of these laboratories. On a daily basis, for 3 months, we ran quality checks on “their” products for “their” customers.


Our findings during these 90 days were as follows:


Overseas Laboratories Professional Dental Arts

A “Low price Misleader” is a commonly used, but noteworthy sales tactic. This tactic shows the low price of a PFM/PFN at $45-$65 followed by the commonly used term “plus alloy” or “plus materials”. In almost every case we inspected, the amount of alloy that was billed to the dentist was one and a half times the amount actually needed. There were some cases as high as  $85-$90 for the alloy alone.  The original price of $45–$65 quickly turned into $115 - $135 when alloy and materials were added.


We saw a consistent return rate of 18% - 20%. 1 in every 5 cases had to be repaired or replaced before we could send it out to the dentist to be seated. In some of those cases the return case took more than 30 days to receive a replacement.


When working with these import laboratories, shipping is generally not included in the price. We were able to negotiate the shipping cost with FED EX/ UPS to between $16 and $17 per case, round trip (as long as we sent 10 cases at a time).



We do not employ "Low Price Misleaders!”
The price that we quote you is the price you can expect to pay. We offer our dentists the flexibility of two types of pricing structure. The 1st is the cost per unit plus alloy. The 2nd is the average cost of alloy for the previous year added to the per unit cost this creates a flat rate pricing. You will know exactly how much each unit is costing you. We believe that when it comes to our dentists, the straight forward, upfront approach makes for great, long term relationships.


Before any of our work leaves the laboratory it must go through a quality control specialist This final check is part of the reason Professional Dental Arts maintains a return rate of only 1%-3%. Our CDT certified technicians pride themselves on the quality of the work they produce. If there is a defect with anything we send out simply ship it back (our cost) and we will fix it for free.


We believe that when you ask “what will it cost?” You want to know what it will actually cost! There is no additional charge for deliveries and pickup’s inside our local area and we will cover standard UPS ground shipping anywhere in the US.

It is our practice here at Professional Dental Arts to continually evaluate products and services from a variety of industry sources both foreign and domestic. We believe dental professionals trust us to bring superior services and products that will advance their individual practices.

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